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    Nikki McPherson
    September 22, 2021

    When we arrived, we had to look and call out for staff. When we were seated outside, the tables were still dirty with food. We had to ask for ours to be cleaned. We were the only customers, and we were the third table of the day. This was not a good start. When we got our coffee, after we finally got the table wiped down, we only got a half cup with the comment that they were brewing a new pot. We had to ask for a refill, which was again another half cup. When we got our meals, the grease and oil were pooling, and the gravy was so oily that it was separating. We had to ask for salt and pepper. The only time the waitress approached us without being called for in the hour that we were there was to give us the bill and bring the credit card slip back to be signed. The food was barely edible, and the service was almost non-existent.

    Lynnda Dee English
    March 09, 2021

    Somebody pinch me! We went to a golf course Clubhouse with good reviews. I was prepared to drop some cash on a nice meal. Menu is reviewed, and what!? All meals are $5, $10, or $15. Oh boy. I dropped my expectations because, well, those prices. The three of us ordered two burgers and a sirloin steak. Meals came with a generously poured glass of wine. Let me tell you, the burgers were huge and delicious, made to order. The steak was great. More food than I could eat. Total bill with tax? About $36. Tipped our delightful waitress $15. Apparently the restaurant is under new ownership and they are trying to get the word out. WORD!!!! This place is awesome!

    Paco Oropeza
    March 27, 2019

    Before I write why I am giving this place a one star let it be known this has nothing to do with the food nor service. I didn't even get to that part. Okay so here we go I am a school bus driver and I drove from Vegas to this golf course to drive students for a golf tournament I was told by the coach that the restaurant here is awesome the food is delicious and I could go in there to eat breakfast or lunch, so instead of sitting in my bus all day I decided to go in and try the breakfast however they were closed there was a sign that stated the hours of operation for spring and summer like it stated on the picture before I read that I tried the door the door was open then that's when I read the sign and I said well the doors open maybe those hours are not yet in effect so I went to the restaurant and I took a seat. After about 25 minutes a server came to me and she said, "hello sir good morning how can I help you" and I said "oh I'm just here relaxing, I drove the students here for a golf tournament what time does your kitchen hours open" and she said "we open at 10 sorry" and I said "no dont be I'll wait until then and I'll get something to eat" and she said okay perfect turned around and left about 10 minutes after that the manager Randy came in and just stared at me from the bar area to where I was sitting I could feel him staring at me I turned a couple times and he was staring at me but I didn't think much of it after a while he decided to say before anyting, no good morning, no how you doing, nothing. Before anything he decided to yell from across the room, "how did you get in here" so I proceeded to tell him the front door and he said, "well we're not open yet" and I said yeah I kind of spoke about that with your server do you need me to leave and he said," yes because we're not open yet." I mean there was nobody in the restaurant I was sitting down I didn't want to stay in my bus because I've been sitting in my bus for more than an hour driving here and I just felt that would be a good spot to go relax and wait for breakfast but I didn't even get to that because this man was rude had no customer service and when I went back to ask for his name he decided to reply with his name he said he was a manager and as I was leaving he decided to say to me "do you have a problem with my business being closed" and I said, "no I don't have an issue with your business being closed because I understand there are business hours but I do have an issue with the way you approached me there's certain ways of asking certain things just like your server asked me I feel the same courtesy should have came from you especially being the manager and I said I came from the front door because the door was open" and he said "well that's not the front door the front door is this one right next to me that one is for employees" and I said "well that's absurd because this is my first time being here, I walked up to what looked like the main entrance. There were two arrows one pointing to the right that says for residents and one to the left that says restaurant so I went left and came to these 2 beautiful doors that looked like the front door. That one sir looks like a side door. Plus there are no signs outside the doors I came in from that state 'employess only' so that doesnt sound right" So now I am here in my bus for the next 6 hours and it looks like I wont be eating today. Kinda sucks too because I have read nothing but great things about the food. But him being the manager of the place I dont know if I would really go and risk him being around my food.

    Erik Larsen
    September 01, 2019

    Had breakfast at the clubhouse and every time I've been here it has had great service with decent food at a fair price. I had the cowboy omelette and it was delicious covered in country gravy and since I like to eat low carb I was able to substitute the potatoes for fruit and just skip the bred with no upcharge. I ate the meal on the patio overlooking the golf course, it is a beautiful place to sit and have a good breakfast. The company I work for has held employee events here at the clubhouse and the food that was catered by the restaurants was excellent.

    Peter Lynch
    October 29, 2016

    Food was excellent and a good value. Had 4 meals over 3 days, breakfast was a real bargain at $5.00 (plus coffee). Lunches were also excellent, only negative was kind of slow service pretty much every time,. Would be 4 stars if service was better.

    Mt. Falls

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