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Why Pahrump Giants Coupons Mailer?

...Because Direct Mail Advertising Still Works!

Bringing Customers

to you

Joining our Giant Coupon Mailer is like having a magnetic Fishhook.  The best Way to get More Local Clients one hook at a time, a NO B.S. Marketing. 

affordable pahrump coupon mailer

How would you like to get your Advertising message out to TEN THOUSAND local area households for less than a dime a piece?

Direct Mail is still a great way to get your message out because Every Household receives mail.

Our Pahrump Giant  Coupons Mailer makes it possible!

We made it possible for the local Brick and Mortar business owners, who has now the opportunity to Compete and Advertise like Sears, Discount Tires, JC Penny, & more at a fraction of the cost. We didn’t need to re-invent the wheel, just made it Better and Affordable with Superior Results!

You don’t have to be a market guru to market like the BIG DOGS. Let’s put your business in front of the locals’ eyes, without them leaving their homes. How about let’s EXPOSE your Business to 10,000 locals in Pahrump with an income bracket of 35K/year & aboveafter all they’re the only one who has the capability to purchase extra, also called the Effective Buying Income bracket, these people are the power buyersthe Prime Rib! Fact is fact, below this bracket, you do not need to waste your investment.

Your ad will be on a large 8.5×11 inch postcard (Yes, the cards are big, and they will fit in the mailbox!); the 2nd largest piece of paper that can be mailed without being folded. Your message is guaranteed to be read with our 100% Open Rate Guarantee! (as there is no envelope to open).

Every advertisement is in plain view on the jumbo two-sided coupon mailer!

Our Pahrump Coupons Mailer is focused on being city specific AND business exclusive (so you are not competing with a business similar to yours on the same coupon mailer) so you can expect local & immediate traffic to your business! (You have the option to opt in to other cities if you desire!)

Our desire is to help grow small businesses with an awesome and effective strategy that can reach thousands in Pahrump by offering your residents the hottest deals from the best businesses in Pahrump!

affordable pahrump coupon mailer
pahrump realtor real estate company Car Magnet
plumbing car magnet


To Businesses That WANT More New Customers, FAST!

  • Instantly Reach 10,000+ Local Households


  • Massive 8.5″x11″ Full-Color Mega Postcard

  • Guaranteed INSTANT CUSTOMER Visibility!

  • NO Long-Term Contracts

  • Affordable & Cost Effective

  • Powerful Customer-Pulling Full Color Display Ads

    This program is so good at getting results that it is the ONLY form of advertising…GUARANTEED to pay for itself AND earn you a profit!



10,000+ homes in each major area across the Valley. We target areas such as: Mountain Falls, Burson Ranch, Desert Greens, Winery area, & Zip  Codes 89048, 89060, 89061.

We target homeowners, rural areas, and families.

Middle to upper income households in the community (Household income $35,000+)

(Households that will gladly spend money on what YOU advertise on our ad!)

Our Pahrump Coupons Mailer CREATES RESULTS!

Our Pahrump Coupons Mailer is unique, no other mail piece like it is being sent out on the entire valley of Pahrump. Advertisers on the card will see positive benefits and recoup their investment several times over. We will also consult with you to help create an advertisement and an offer that generates results.

pahrumplocalservicesAffordable Marketing Solution in Pahrump
market your business like a hero


Our Pahrump Giant  Coupons Mailer is mailed out once a quarter to 10,000 homes in the  Pahrump area.

If you wish to INVEST in your Business and Reserve an ad spot, you will need to do so during the development cycle.

Development Cycle – Ads need to be purchased at the beginning to middle of the previous quarter  in order to be designed, printed, and shipped out for the following mailing cycle.

Ads can be bought in advance after the development cycle for the next following mailing target schedule.

Since there are no contracts, there are no ongoing commitments and you will be able to continue with the service or opt out at any time. However, please keep in mind that each Campaign gets 14 Business Category on one Pahrump Giant Coupons Mailer sent out every quarter, remember NO-Competition. It is a first come first serve basis, with business exclusivity in mind, so please always call ahead to see if a ad space is available for your business.

So How Much Does It Cost?

There are no hidden fees, Ad design, printing, postage, and shipping is all included! 

(Remember we send out 10,000 ads per mailer!)

Each ad spots | space measures approximately 4 x 3 inches.

5¢ per spot. One 10,000 mailing costs you only $500

Literally advertise to 10,000 households per mailer for pennies on the dollar!

No Printing Fees!

No Design Fees!

No Postage Fees!

No Hidden Fees!

Don’t Have An Ad?

We’ll Create One For You At No Additional Charge…. WOOOOO!

Bonus & Freebies are Waiting for you when you Sign Up....

Do you see the value yet?

Literally advertise to 10,000 households per mailer for pennies on the dollar!

Such A small Investment For A HUGE ROI!!

We only accept the HOTTEST DEALS for our coupon ads! We want to encourage the 10,000+ households to take immediate action on a great deal, getting the BEST ROI for you and your business!


To give you a VALUE analogy on your Investment for this type of Marketing Strategy Campaign, for transparency purposes as well,

if you would have to do it yourself on a 4×6 Postcard:

  • Postcard Design ($100 value, our service),
  • Printing ($499 value, Specs w/ UV coating)
  • Shipping to you for Handling, USPS only accepts BUNDLED in 100’s for Route Carrier ($125 Value),
  • Bundling (100 Postcards Accepted by the Local USPS ) – Your own effort – Time Consuming!
  • USPS Mailing & Handling @60¢/piece First Class Letter Rate ($6,000 Value) 

That totals to $6,724 + Bundling Time & Effort on a 4×6 Postcard to reach 10,000 Local Residents in Pahrump.

 Imagine, if you would have to do it yourself on a 8.5×11 Giant Postcard.

Bonus & Freebies are Waiting for you when you Sign Up....

Going back, let us put your Offers accessible “anytimeevery time they think of any project they are planning to do or purchase a product you sell. How’s that going to happen? Simple, our GIANT COUPON MAILER will be bigger than their brains and eyes, that’s all they can think of when it comes to Home Projects – is your Service Offers or Store and or Specific Product in our Giant Eye-popping Coupon Mailer.

HOW?  Easy! With our Giant Coupon Mailer there’s no need to browse pages, remembering or looking for it – one Giant Mailer Postcard has it all. You do not have to believe me. You must see it for yourself and be the juror (not judge, until you’ve tested it).

Our Giant Mailer is something that cannot be easily neglected by any locals – the fact that it is mailed on its own, with an eye-catching graphic design,  NOT inserted in a bundle of other soft paper magazine or paper ads, or an envelope mixed with other mailers – instead it Sticks out on its own that can’t be missed when it reaches directly to the targeted homes and or households’ mailboxes – that has an income of 35k & above, because of its enormous size! Our Giant Mailer is NOT some magazine that’s being left in the corner of an establishment waiting “for hopes” – to be picked up and browse upon – who knows when? What our Giant Mailer DOES is to Attract Customers by presenting what they need when it comes to their wants and needs for their Homes – by presenting them your Business OFFERS without waiting, INFRONT of their eyes. Our goal is to transform your business into a “go to” service or product provider when they need something “done” or “get” for their homes and when it comes to their projects to enhance their home’s value, or for just a specific product they need and or for simple home emergency.

And we don’t stop there! When you join this campaign – your Business Offers will be visible online as well. HOW? While you’re Advertising directly to their eyes with our Physical Giant Coupon Mailer, there will be a digital version where WE will continue to Advertise in the Social Media world – WHY! Because we want SATURATION, in every step the of locals’ activity we are ahead constantly, and this is done during the Campaign, which is Quarterly, 3 months at a time. 


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This campaign is tailored to give Small Business Owners the opportunity to Shine and Profit.

pahrumplocalservices logo

Your investment matters a lot to you, it’s a given, and we all know it. And, who you bring through your door matters a lot – and that “who” is your customer, and that what this investment is all about. Yes, there is a plethora of choices on where to invest. Two distinct options: 1. Invest in your lifestyle while knowingly no assurance of “wealth” generation, 2. Invest in our Giant Coupon Mailer where there is a possibility of getting at least (conservatively) 0.1% Customer Response out of 10,000 households earning 35k and up per year, which would come out to (.001x10k) 10 clients or customers. There is a huge possibility that you can get a higher Response rate than .01%, let’s say you get .05% that is equivalent to 50 clients. Do you think your Business can handle more than 50? The answers are yours, and this is just a conservative calculation.

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There is no other Advertising Agency that does this, build a Coop for Small Business owners to gain authority in their local market. What we offer is NOT like buying a cup of coffee at Starbucks every morning for $2 or even more – just to get that boost of energy for maybe an hour or 2 -that’s about it!  Or that McDonald’s Burger meal for $9 every other day maybe? Or your favorite Breakfast Burrito at Johnny’s or El Jefe’s or even Roberto’s! What we offer is a Unique Opportunity that is affordable than your fast-food delights and your daily indulgence. It is not an everyday investment, but the result can impact your life every day, it is more than just a day of benefits for your business.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to decide.

The point is – YOU and the others are part of the Machine; a machine is not going to run on hopes and dreams – it needs oil and an operator. If you think about it, the real value of this Marketing Strategy lies within your ability to understand the ultimate goal of your business’ future and your family’s future. When are you going to act and invest in your own business? After all it is your bread and butter! This is a Wise and will be the Best Opportunity for your Business to grow.

No time for waiting!  

Let me ask you…

With our Value Proposition  for this Giant Coupon Mailer Campaign mailed to 10,000 Local Homes targeting only homes and families that is in the 35K and up Effective Buying Income Bracket here in Pahrump Valley for $500 only (@ 5¢ per household) all-inclusive , WORTH  IT?


It is a GREAT Investment for YOU and your Business!

If you have no desire to Invest in your own business right now STOP here, and let your Competitor Shine.


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pahrumplocalservices coupon mailer to your door

We’ll design an ad for you if you don’t have one available FREE of charge! Otherwise, please submit a 350dpi CMYK JPG, PDF, PSD, or INDD file of your ad, logo, and your listed coupon for your ad!

Need more Information? CONTACT Our Pahrump Giant Coupons Mailer is one of a kind piece. It is a MUST for you to SEE and FEEL the actual piece to get Converted. Call Jingle.  (775) 253-8115 (M-Th: 9am-12N, for SUPPORT or to schedule a meeting | Text/SMS Anytime)  or CLICK to reserve your spot today!

Bonus & Freebies are Waiting for you when you Sign Up....

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