Why Pahrump Coupons Mailer?

…Because Direct Mail Advertising Still Works!

How would you like to get your advertising message out to TEN THOUSAND local area households for less than a dime a piece?

Direct Mail is still a great way to get your message out because Every Household receives mail.

The Pahrump Coupons Mailer makes it possible!
affordable pahrump coupon mailer
Your ad will be on a large 8.5×11 inch postcard (Yes, the cards are big, and they will fit in the mailbox!); the 2nd largest piece of paper that can be mailed without being folded. Your message is guaranteed to be read with our 100% Open Rate Guarantee! (as there is no envelope to open).

Every advertisement is in plain view on the jumbo two-sided coupon mailer!

Our Pahrump Coupons Mailer is focused on being city specific AND business exclusive (so you are not competing with a business similar to yours on the same coupon mailer) so you can expect local & immediate traffic to your business! (You have the option to opt in to other cities if you desire!)

Our desire is to help grow small businesses with an awesome and effective strategy that can reach thousands in Pahrump by offering your residents the hottest deals from the best businesses in Pahrump!

affordable pahrump coupon mailer

To Businesses That WANT More New Customers, FAST!

  • Instantly Reach 10,000+ Local Households


  • Massive 8.5″x11″ Full-Color Mega Postcard

  • Guaranteed INSTANT CUSTOMER Visibility!

  • NO Long-Term Contracts

  • Affordable & Cost Effective

  • Powerful Customer-Pulling Full Color Display Ads

    This program is so good at getting results that it is the ONLY form of advertising…GUARANTEED to pay for itself AND earn you a profit!



pahrumplocalservicesAffordable Marketing Solution in Pahrump

DEMOGRAPHICS 10,000+ homes in each major area across the Valley Isle. We target areas such as: Mountain Falls, Burson Ranch, Desert Greens, Winery area, & Zip Affordable Marketing Solution in Pahrump Zip Codes 89048, 89060, 89061.
We target homeowners, rural areas, and families.

Middle to upper income households in the community (Household income $35,000+)

(Households that will gladly spend money on what YOU advertise on our ad!)

Our Pahrump Coupons Mailer CREATES RESULTS!

Our Pahrump Coupons Mailer is unique, no other mail piece like it is being sent out on the entire valley of Pahrump. Advertisers on the card will see positive benefits and recoup their investment several times over. Pahrump Coupons will also consult with you to help create an advertisement and a offer that generates results.

ADVERTISEMENT SCHEDULE/HOW IT WORKSmarket your business like a hero
Our Pahrump Coupons Mailer is mailed out once a quarter to 10,000 homes in the  Pahrump area.
If you wish to buy an ad for your area, you will need to do so during the development cycle.
Development Cycle – Ads need to be purchased at the beginning to middle of the previous quarter  in order to be designed, printed, and shipped out for the following mailing cycle. Ads can be bought in advance after the development cycle for the next following mailing for your specific area.
Since there are no contracts, there are no ongoing commitments and you will be able to continue with the service or opt out at any time. However, please keep in mind that each major area gets 14 ads on one Pahrump Coupons Mailer sent out every quarter. It is a first come first serve basis, with business exclusivity in mind, so please always call ahead to see if a ad space is available for your business type and area.


So How Much Does It Cost?

There are no hidden fees, Ad design, printing, postage, and shipping is all included! And WE have an INTEREST FREE Financing Available to help you out.

(Remember we send out 10,000 ads per mailer!)

RATES Each space measures approximately 4 x 3 inches and are available @ $0.05 per piece. One 10,000 mailing costs you only $500

Literally advertise to 10,000 households per mailer for pennies on the dollar!



pahrumplocalservices coupon mailer


pahrumplocalservices coupon mailer page 2

No Printing Fees!

No Design Fees!

No Postage Fees!

No Hidden Fees!

Don’t Have An Ad?

We’ll Create One For You At No Additional Charge…. WOOOOO!

Cleaning company graphic design

Do you see the value yet?

Literally advertise to 10,000 households per mailer for pennies on the dollar!

Such A small Investment For A HUGE ROI!!

We only accept the HOTTEST DEALS for our coupon ads! We want to encourage the 10,000+ households to take immediate action on a great deal, getting the BEST ROI for you and your business!

pahrumplocalservices coupon mailer to your door


We’ll design an ad for you if you don’t have one available FREE of charge! Otherwise, please submit a 350dpi CMYK JPG, PDF, PSD, or INDD file of your ad, logo, and your listed coupon for your ad!

reserve your business ad spot

Our Pahrump Coupons Mailer MUST be seen to be believed. Call Jingle at 702-763-7607 to see a sample or CLICK to reserve your spot in your area today!