The Small Business Trends That Will Define the Future of Business Owners

12 July 2022

The Small Business Trends That Will Define the future of Business Owners

As we are at a level official hard and unparalleled situation where all commodities are at the highest value, many are looking to see how the course of the rest of the months of 2022 and the coming 2023 will play out, especially for local businesses and entrepreneurs in Pahrump, NV who have fought hard these past 7 months. While I think many of us know that unless you are Cinderella, the clock striking midnight is not going to change the course of the world or the life we lead. Many of us have had to completely change our way of life, the way we interact, and the way we run our businesses (to name a few).

However, we will enter 2025 with a wealth of knowledge and experience for the emerging economy here in the State of Nevada and to county like Nye,  as well as a shift in mindset that has allowed us to transform and adapt the way we live and do business. The Small Business Association released an article recently on what they perceive is going to be the new modus-operandi that local entrepreneurs and business owners will abide by to find success in this difficult times. You can read more here but the biggest trend we have noticed that applies SPECIFICALLY to businesses in our state is: E-COMMERCE.

While we are trapped on a cluster of remote islands, e-commerce has proven to be king. Look at the grants that our local governments gave out, they all revolved on pivoting and adapting to online solutions, namely e-commerce.
There are many other things that we need to make sure are staying top of mind when it comes to this year’s strategies, having a platform to sell from no matter where you are located, what the extent of operations are that can be allowed, and an outlet to transform the way you conduct bookings/sales/and appointments is going to remain key.

If you would like to learn more about what exactly e-commerce is and how it can help you especially  if you are a brick-and-mortar business, even  a mom & pop type,  contact us!

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